Reflecting on President Sheikh Khalifa’s Accomplishments & Celebrating  the UAE’s Continued Evolution

The UAE mourns the loss of its beloved President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan. He was the UAE’s second president and a prominent humanitarian. During his presidency, Sheikh Khalifa led the UAE to its position as an international player in trade, tourism, finance, and energy, as well as a leader in humanitarian relief and development. Apart from his presidential duties, Sheikh Khalifa established two charities of his own, just as his father before him had set up philanthropic entities during his rule.

Sheikh Khalifa’s contributions brought forth a drastic evolution over his 18 years as President of the UAE. Not only did he carry on the country’s founding ethos of the pursuit of tolerance, empathy, and compassion, but his presidency was also an era of empowerment for the citizens and institutions of the UAE. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed looks to continue Sheikh Khalifa’s legacy and further transform the country as the newly elected UAE President.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan, second president of the UAE, sits in front of the UAE flag.

An Ever-Evolving UAE

President Sheikh Mohamed has set a vision of peace and stability for a prosperous future for the UAE. His presidency marks a new era that will bring about progress in the country, establishing the UAE as a leader in governance, education, health and well-being. President Sheikh Mohamed believes that this starts with empowering the UAE’s people. In an address to the nation, Sheikh Mohamed stated, “The people of the UAE, and striving to empower them, has always been and continues to be our nation’s top priority. Ensuring our people have everything they need to live fulfilled, comfortable, and happy lives remains the basis of all our future plans.”

Sheikh Mohamed has long set education and culture as central pillars in his vision for progress. With a firm belief in advanced educational infrastructure and a vibrant cultural scene, Sheikh Mohamed has developed educational and cultural institutions that are recognized internationally. These institutions both preserve the UAE’s unique heritage, values and traditions, but also build bridges between cultures around the world.

Celebrating Sheikh Mohamed’s Leadership

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed boasts unique qualifications in his new role as President of the UAE. In addition to his role as Crown Prince of the nation’s capital, in which he assisted with developing and innovating the Emirates economy in preparation for the post-oil epoch, he has also served as Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. In these roles, he has fostered relationships with worldwide leaders which has allowed him to extend the UAE’s influence internationally and grow a network of partnership