Celebrating the 7th Annual Emirati Women’s Day

August 28, 2022 marks the seventh annual Emirati Women’s Day. Each year, a theme is chosen to encapsulate and praise the achievements of Emirati women. This year, the theme is “Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future,” which recognizes and honors the bright future and innovations of Emirati women.

Empowering Emirati Women

Emirati woman poses for a photo.

The holiday was launched in 2015 by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi, wife of the late Sheikh Zayed and Mother of the Nation. Sheika Fatima chose August 28 as the official date as it is also the day on which the UAE’s General Women’s Union (GWU) was launched in 1975. In picking this date, the holiday simultaneously celebrates the UAE’s journey to promoting women’s empowerment, the accomplishments of women since 1975 and women’s ambitions for the future.

Sheikha Fatima remarked how this year’s theme showcases these sentiments and how Emirati women have proven that there is no impossible task, due to their hard work and innovation. In addition, the 2022 theme of Emirati Women’s Day highlights the societal changes in Emirati culture towards gender equality. In turn, this show of support encourages more women to reach for their goals, build a career, and ensure a sustainable future.